The Danger of Asbestos and Molds

Asbestos is a widely used building compound in old buildings it can help fire proof a building and insulate it well. However, studies have shown that asbestos is a dangerous substance for you to be exposed with. Asbestos can cause serious medical conditions just like how a mold can trigger and allergy. This is one of the reasons why there is an emphasis given to Microblading Edmonton.   

Asbestos and Molds

So, in this article, you will tackle the different dangers that asbestos in particular and molds can give a human being.  

Exposure to ASBESTOS  

– can lead to lung cancer especially if you smoke a cigarette a day.  

– can lead to a cancer of the lining of the abdominal cavity known as mesothelioma. 

-can lead to lung scarring that impedes your ability to breath this disease is called asbestosis.  

Exposure to MOLDS  

– can lead to allergies.  

– can trigger allergies.  

– can trigger asthma attack.  

What leads to the exposure to ASBESTOS or MOLDS?  


  1. Disturbing the space that contains asbestos in it, spaces such as walls, insulation, pipes, tiles, roofing, paints and other stuff can contain asbestos and once disturbed can release into the air that you can ingest.  


  1. Once there is mold in your house, it can be dangerous to most people especially as it could lead and trigger allergies. Molds can circulate around the house, through your air filter that is why it is important to keep it clean. It is also important to control the temperature in the house as it can propagate the growth of molds.  

How can you lessen exposure to these substances?  

If you have a pretty dated house, before doing any renovations, remodeling, additions and demolitions consult an expert first for any signs of asbestos. You are mostly safe when you do not disturb the asbestos in your home. However, when you are having work done you will have to disturb a couple of walls and such. So to avoid any mishaps and regrets it would be wise to hire an expert to have a look at it instead.  

It is important that you have the asbestos remove before any further disturbance is done as those asbestos can lead to pretty serious medical conditions you should think of your and your hired people’s health and safety.  

Another important point to note is that asbestos do not only exist at your home, you can also find asbestos in your car or your work place. So, you should always be careful in working with this properties as it could be very dangerous for you if you are not informed about it.  

There could be a number of things containing asbestos so research about it. You should also, research about a way to lessen the propagation of molds. When you disturb asbestos you are not only risking your health but that would includes others in the vicinity. So, keep your house clean and dry to avoid any mold growth and avoid disturbing spaces that has asbestos in it.   

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