Pointers for Make-Up Shopping

It is not a shocking scene to see women shopping for makeup. There are so many kinds and brands out there that it can get overwhelming. It’s important for you to do something that will turn the whole thing a lot easier for you to handle. This is something that you need to remember simply because it would be great to work with as well.  

Some women want to make the whole work a lot easier by going to salons that specialize in semi-permanent to permanent make up like microblading Seattle, tinted lips and other cosmetic looks that would totally make you look better as well.  

However, in this article, you will learn how you can shop for makeup that is catered to your needs. It is a lot easier for some and a little bit harder for others. However, it stays the same that what you really need is a bit of trust to do what must be done in the long run. Just know yourself and you could pick out the makeup that you need the most.  


Although make up is used to hide blemishes and enhance what is already good, it is still important for you to make sure that your skin looks good in the makeup you choose. You need to know your skin and work with what you have. There is nothing wrong in buying too light of a foundation if you have darker skin, however, for everyday use it would be better for you to match. 

If you also have oily, dry, or combination skin this should be considered as well. This is an important thing that you need to have simply because it must be. There is no point of going against your skin, it would only make you miserable in the long run.  


You need to use the colors that would make you feel like you are alive instead of washout. It is important for you to consider this or else you won’t be enjoying anything in the long run at all. This is an important thing for you to have so, it must be something for you to work on as well.  

It is something that you need to work with and if you aren’t too sure you can always ask an expert to help you out. It would be amazing for you in the long run as well.  


It is important for you to remember that you should always put on the top quality rather than quantity. Your skin will thank you for it later if you do your best for the life of your skin. There will be lesser regrets from you as well which is going to be really amazing in real life.  

So, work with what you have and do what you can for the job at hand. It would be amazing for you to work with what you have as well. This is something that would turn the whole thing a lot easier to work with.  

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Process of Microblading that You Should Know

Undoubtedly, bold brows have been the biggest beauty trend of the past few years. Also, ever since natural brows made it huge, our desire to keep them slaying 24/7 has not stopped. The answer to the beauty world to those almost non-existent or sparse brows is microblading. Microblading is a kind of eyebrow tattoo that utilizes small handheld equipment to disperse a semi-permanent pigment on the top layer of the skin with hair-like strokes. This provides the naturally fuller eyebrow look. To know more, here’s everything you should know before making a Microblading Seattle appointment.  

Pre-appointment prep 

Prior to the appointment, there is a lot of precautions that you should take to make sure that your skin is in the best condition to achieve the best results. Here are the things that you should avoid: 

  • You must not drink alcohol 24 hours before or after the appointment since this will increase bruising and may cause your blood to thin, which makes it difficult for the brow artist since the skin surrounding the eyebrow could be discolored and swollen.
  • It is also recommended to not drink caffeinated drinks on the treatment day since it also changes your blood pressure. 
  • Attempt to stop the urge to thread, wax, or pluck your brows three days before since before starting the procedure, your brow artist will reshape your eyebrow according to the current measurements.
  • You must skip your moisturizer for the days leading up to the appointment because the drier your skin is, the better outcome you will get,


Post Appointment 

The first week: 

After your appointment, you should not wet your eyebrows for 7 days as it can change the pigment’s color. Hence, you can forget having a long shower, and you are not allowed to exercise for 5 days after the appointment either. Also, you may experience some flaking, itching, and scabbing on the first week post-appointment. But resist touching your brows and never pick them, If you do, you will only interrupt its process of healing, and it will take twice as long to recover. The moment you have hit the 7-day mark, you must start cleaning the brow area with the post-care ointment provided by your brow artist.  

The healing process: 

This could take up to 6 weeks, Moreover, it is vital to note that the post-appointment pigment will look fairly light but will darken within 24 hours. Thus, you must not panic if it feels like they are not dark enough. Always apply a high-SPF to the brows once the healing process is complete. 

The result 

The results will last from 1 to 3 years depending on how your skin receives the ink and how you take care of them after your initial appointment. 


For more information, it is best for you to consult your specialist first before you try this procedure. Contact Seattle 3d brows now for you to have an appointment for a consultation now and learn more about this great semi-permanent solution for your eyebrows.  



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How to Become a Permanent Makeup Artist or Eyebrow Microblading Specialist

If you consider pursuing a career as an Microblading Seattle or permanent makeup artist, you will be entering permanent cosmetics industry and this is actually a rewarding and stimulating profession. You may know the differences between eyebrow microblading and permanent makeup that microblading is just a technique or a form of permanent makeup. As such, to become an expert in eyebrow microblading, you should study permanent cosmetics, which is also known as permanent makeup. 

What is Permanent Makeup? 

Permanent makeup (permanent cosmetics or makeup) is basically a practice which uses tattoo-like device to deposit inks under the client’s skin to replicate the natural makeup appearance. 

To everyone who does not know more about it, permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoo might seem like a vanity however, it really transcends it – a lot of people with scars, vitiligo, baldness, cancer, alopecia, or genetic anomalies usually resort to cosmetic tattoo in order to aid them feel too good about their look. 

Women with Parkinson’s disease and older age women also often choose for Seattle 3d brows when putting cosmetics has already become an impossible job. In addition to that permanent makeup is an alternative for women who like to skip putting cosmetics on their faces every single day and improve their look in a more permanent manner.  

Why do you need to consider a profession as a permanent cosmetic specialist? 

There are a lot of advantages to pursuing this highly recommended profession. The fact that it’s a highly regarded profession means that there are fewer individuals who are better at performing this, therefore, there’s less competition in the industry. For instance, there are fewer permanent cosmetic specialists than there are hair specialists. 

As an outcome, permanent cosmetic specialists can charge more for the services they rendered and because of these, they earn better and higher incomes. In addition to that, this career also allows you to become a boss, either from the beginning or when you are ready, but the chances are already there, as opposed to several career fields. 

What is the average income for a permanent cosmetic specialist? 

Average income statistics for permanent cosmetic specialists are not that easy to solve for a lot of reasons: 

  1. Salaries are not usually applicable to most permanent cosmetic specialist since most of them are self-employed.
  2. Their income or salary depends on how much they charge the client per session and how many procedures they perform.
  3. It is a very specialized field.

Keep in mind that permanent cosmetic specialists often do multiple procedures, most commonly lips, eyeliners and eyebrows. Some estimates online states that the average income ranges between $50,000-$80,000 per annum. These estimates can differ greatly however, even the lowest possible income on that estimate is already a decent salary.  

Profit means whatever is left for you after you pay for regular expenses such as rent, licenses, insurance, materials, monthly utility bills and permits. On the other hand, income is basically the total amount of revenue which you will pocket right away after the procedure. 

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